Share Price Average Calculator with Chart

The stock/share average calculator is an essential tool for every investor to calculate their whole investment in the stock market, average per share price, and total number of shares. And it makes a table of your every buying, that helps you to maintain your investment.

What is a share price average calculator?

The Share Average Calculator is a simple but potent metric tool that helps an investor navigate or manage his stock portfolio.

Especially for those who have invested in the same stock of the same company at different prices as it provides a consolidated overview of the total invested amount or selling price for the particular stock. and aids in calculating the average share price to optimize future investment strategies.

Advantages of a share price average calculator:

There are various advantages of the share price average calculator.

  1. Investment tracking: This calculator helps investors track the average share price compared to the current market scenario.
  2. Portfolio Management: This calculator helps make balanced decisions regarding your stock portfolio to determine, whether to buy more shares, hold, or sell.
  3. Tax purposes: Being aware of the average purchase price of a share helps in tax reporting mainly with the capital gain tax.
  4. Stock market average calculator: To calculate your stock’s average price in seconds.

How do you calculate the average share price?

Here is the mentioned method, how do you calculate the average price of shares/stocks step by step?

  1. Gather Your Purchase Information: Gather all the previously purchased share information.
  2. Enter Your Purchase Details: Now enter the details for each time number of shares you purchased.
    • Name of the share bought.
    • The number of shares bought.
    • The price per share at the time of purchase.
  3. Calculate: After entering all the above details click on the calculate option.

Share Average Calculator Guide to Use

I have shared infographic information in this image to use this online average stock price calculator.

Review your average cost

After all the processes, you will now be able to analyze the average share prices and decide your stock portions whether to add up some more shares or sell for that particular time depending on the current market scenario.


This advanced share average calculator has been developed for stock price average calculation that helps investors check and analyze their investment portfolio and it’s a very efficient and simple matrix tool to calculate the average paid price for the shares.

with the help of an average share price calculator, investors can analyze their investment portfolio and decide to sell or buy shares at that particular time depending on the market scenario.

Overall, this magnificent tool is crucial for optimizing investment outcomes and achieving the investor’s financial goals.

How can I calculate the average price of stocks?

Add prices and divide by the number of shares to calculate the average stock price.

What is the best formula for average?

Average = Sum of all values / Total number of values.

What is the average of the numbers 8, 13, 15?

Average = (8 + 13 + 15) / 3
Average = 36 / 3
Average = 12
So, the average of the numbers 8, 13, and 15 is 12.